Time Management

Recently I’ve become very interested in topic Time Management. It all started with Randy Pausch fantastic video which I stumbled upon a few years. It you haven’t watch it you must:

Although a cliché, time is really all we have and if we want to accomplish ideas we dream of, we have to make time for them.  I noticed that if I don’t manage my time, it’s so easy let the ‘busy-ness’ of daily life brush aside all the stuff that I want to do. I love this quote from him:

You dont find time for important things, you make it

I made a few progresses in the following fronts:

  • Managing email: I’m not at in-box zero level but on most days all emails in my inbox can fit above the fold
  • Reading, learning about time management: I read “Eat that Frog” and I’m reading 168 Hours. Both are filled with practical techniques on how to focus on what matters.
  • Using Pomodoro: I started to practice using pomodoro and it definitely helps me reduce frequency of interruptions and increase my focus. But I still haven’t mastered it yet.

And these are changes that I’m tracking in my daily routine:

I delve deeper into this very interesting and relevant topic again soon.

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