All resources I know about Product Management

Product Management is still a relatively new field and each company depending on their product, culture and how they work have different job descriptions for a Product Manager. What are the key responsibilities of a PM and how can you build up skill sets required for the job? More importantly where to start?

Whether you’re trying to become a product manager or you want to deepen your knowledge, there are so many resources out there to help you. When I started, I wanted a concrete understanding of PM role and to get a hang of all scattered resources over the internet.

So I began searching, I read many blog posts and joined multiple PM groups on Linkedin and finally completed a very expensive Pragmatic Marketing course to get a feel for what PM is really all about. And when I was searching for books, articles, people on the topic I ended up with multiple recommendation for Pragmatic Marketing as a go-to training course for PM, Crossing the Chasm as “the” book for understanding concepts and people like Ken Norton and Marty Cagan’s SVPG blog as ultimate PM authorities. These are all great recommendations and definitely help but I find myself learning and relating a lot more when I find blogs of people learning out loud.

Over time I’ve slowly built my own understanding and knowledge repository of what PM is, what skill set is needed and how to find answers and I want to share it with you. Take a look at Product Management Resource page. This page is going to be an ‘in-progress’ page and I will add to it as I learn.

As I find more and more interesting things to read, learn and digest I keep reminding myself information overload is real and there is always more to learn and read than I have time to spend on butI’m not in a race I am here for the ride 🙂

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