2018 product lessons

2018 flew by and I realized that I have only written twice on this blog for the past year. Nonetheless as my last post in 2018, I want to share with you these 3 important lessons I learned this year in problem solving, collaboration and defining strategy:

  • Provide context
  • Pre-sell your vision prior
  • Have crawl, walk and run versions of your solution

Provide Context

  • location, location, location
  • providing context is articulating clearly and concisely the what, the why and the outcomes
  • when you’re selling the project and presenting the vision
  • to dev team before the work starts
  • to marketing and support team when you’re launching the product


  • once the vision is set and work scope is roughly drawn pitch it to key people, see their reaction, their questions and objections
  • be more aligned with various parties so you can reach decisions faster

Crawl, walk, run

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