Two great PM reads

When I talk to people who are curious to learn more about Product Management one question keeps coming up: “What are the resources to learn about Product Managment?” I have a dedicated page on what I’ve found as valuable resources for PM and I update it frequently. Recently I came across two more that I want to tell you about:

Bringing the Donut

Bringing the Donut: Read the articles on the website and do yourself a favour and subscribe to the newsletter. You’ll find the articles long (in a good way that goes in depth as oppose to shallow reads with click-bait titles) are insightful!

Hardcore Software

If you like me got your CompSci bachelors degree a while back Hardcore Software is educational and oh so much fun to read! Sinofsky walks you through his career path in Microsoft, behind the scene Windows and other product launches and you get to see even when there was no official product management in place how its principles still plays out. I am really enjoying myself reading the chapters as they get published out!

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