My Favourite Product Gatherings in Toronto

Product Management is getting more attention and popularity as a profession and so there are quite a few product events happening in Toronto. The other day a friend asked me about my favourite meet up and events that I go. Below are a few of my favourite local events:

Product Tank Toronto: is a big and usually high quality presentation from well known people talking to large crowd of 200+ attendees.

Product TO: is a smaller event where the audience pitch product topic they’re interested about and the audience divide into smaller groups to further debate those topics. I love this intimate event mostly because there is no one expert and you get to have interesting and engaging debates with your peers on relevant topic.

Product Camp: an annual day of unconference where again people show up with ideas to present and if they get voted up on the topic they’ll present. The audience choose to walk between multiple concurrent sessions they can attend.

Other events that I go from time to time

Toronto Product Management Association is a paid event. It usually is in presentation style with a focus on product management and product marketing management at big corporation and enterprises.

Product School Toronto: is small group presentation that is mostly geared toward newer PMs who want to break into the field.

Product to Product: an on again off again type of event that RoadMunk (a company that sells roadmap solutions to PMs) host.

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