Last post for 2017

2017 passed by faster than I expected but it was a productive year for me. Great opportunities came on my way: I finished my work wrapping up epost transformation, learned a ton and made great friends in Canada Post. I joined Index Exchange and have learned a lot about Advertising and ins and outs of it (although there is still a long way to go) and made new friends. I also stepped up to take on more responsibilities on the business I am running with my friend. This meant that I ended up not writing blogs as much as I wanted to but I am still committed to continue this blog.

It’s hard to believe that I have written this blog for the past two years and although writing is not easy, it is certainly rewarding to organize my thoughts and distill what I have learned into posts that I share with others along the way.

This year I managed to read 11 product/business books which reviewed some of them but I also read many product related blogs, watched product videos and attended some local meet ups. Here are the ones that stayed with me:

Blog posts:


Meet Ups:

  • Product Tank last (Dec) meetup done by Johnathan Nightingale was a fantastic one it confirmed my beliefs on how the career success is non-linear and you have to take control of it. I wish you were there with me. He was quite an entertaining and experienced speaker and I will going to read his book as well.


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