Interested in Product Management Podcasts? These are a few of my favorite

It is hard to believe that 5 months has gone by and I haven’t written anything in this blog throughout 2018! For the past 9 months while driving to and from work so I had a chance to listen to many interesting product-related podcasts which I want to share with you.

Product to Product

is podcast from Toronto-based Roadmunk. I am impressed with their choice of guests, quality of the discussion and their current theme which for season 2 is the human-side of product. Favorite episode: How to think like a Product Manager I have always been a fan of Melissa Perry’s insightful approach on product managers topic but my main takeaway was this:

“… What I want product managers to understand is it’s not a linear process. You may never start in the same place, depending on where you are… stop and think about what they know and what they don’t know. ”

Nir & Far

In this podcast, Nir Eyal mostly reads his previously written articles from a namesake blog. This is a nice deviation from a discussion/interview style of other podcasts. Favorite episode: Unexpected benefits of distraction when it is always portrayed as something to avoid based on this article:

“…Using distractions with an expansive mindset builds strength, while using them with a suppressive one simply shields us from the pain we are avoiding.”

Yours Productly

recommended by a colleague to me this low-key podcast is a treasure trove of in depth interview with some high-profile well-known product manager folks. Favorite episode: Interview with Saeed Khan. I’m truly biased because I know him personally and I enjoy his insights. I love his emphasis on management side of product management.

Inside Intercom

both the blog and the podcast are one of the better known resources within product manager community. The only problem: it is a full-time job to keep up with the content! Favorite episode: Product Trends w/Paul Adams & Emmet Connolly. This episode was done early 2018 but I never get disappointed whenever I get a chance to listen to or read something that Paul Adams said or written.

I have to confess that I have two more podcasts in my queue so this post will be updated with a review on This Is Product Management and the SaaS podcast shortly!

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